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Harness the power of a zillion good decisions.

In building the SmartStart website framework, our team has incorporated all the best features, tips, and tricks gathered in the course of making countless websites over the past 25 years — features that many pay lip-service to but never get around to implementing. 

Here are just a few of the accommodations that come standard with a SmartStart website:

  • Beautiful, responsive websites with countless custom layout options
  • Engineered for speed:  smart page loading algorithms deliver lightning-fast web content 
  • Accessibility: auto-contrast and font constraints designed to meet WCGAG3 standards 
  • Auto-dark/light mode for devices that support this feature, as well as manual overrides
  • Auto-generated Online Style Guide — just like the BIG guys (Apple, Linked-in, etc.)
  • Marketing optimized: well-organized, easily accessible tracking code management
  • Social Media friendly: Built-in support for Facebook open graph tags and Twitter cards
  • Better SEO: Integrated semantic markup to improve the way search engines
    read and represent your pages in search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Custom modules for Team, Testimonials, FAQ, Products & Services, Pricing, etc.
  • MojoDynaGrid dynamic content tiles designed to create highly interactive web content
  • Tons of built-in image blending and styling modes to take your images to another level