Market like a big brand, even if you aren’t one yet.

Here’s a painful truth. Most entrepreneurs and startup teams have almost no idea how to use today’s new breed of marketing tools. They also don’t understand the competitive advantage you get when all the individual elements are working together smoothly. That’s where we come in.

SmartStart offers a complete suite of tools for your growing business. All integrated, optimized and managed by the seasoned experts at MojoMediaPros.

Part SaaS, part virtual agency, SmartStart is the perfect solution for early-stage companies who know they need pro-level marketing now, not later. Flexible. Scalable. And yes, surprisingly affordable.

A Complete Marketing Toolkit

Mojo SmartStart

Really smart websites

Harness the power of a
zillion good decisions.

(This site is built on SmartStart)

Web + email hosting

Best-of-class service, including 24/7 monitoring and support.

World-class project management

Powerful CRM

With your very own chatbot

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to the BIG leagues

Tap our award-winning team for
these services...

Dynamic content management

Create forms, landing pages and more.

Integrated social media manager

The DIY tools you need to rock your Social Media. Or hand it off to us and rest easy knowing everything’s going to run smoothly.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Because you can never be too well informed.

Marketing automation

How to be 1,000 places at once (and always on time).

Designed for accessibility and SEO

Choose The Plan Best For You

Level ONE

A Great Foundation

Designed for the one- or two-person operation that needs to quickly establish a credible web presence and begin capturing customer leads.

Typical annual marketing budget $15⁠–⁠25K

  • SmartStart CMS
    • Essential Custom Website
    • +1 bonus module
    • Web asset audit & guidance
    • Web copy review
  • Sales Lead Management
    • Integrated CRM 2,500 contacts
    • Unlimited CRM users
    • Anonymous visitor ID
    • Life of lead
    • Email sync for 1 user
    • Integrated sales pipeline
    • Task management
    • CRM video calling
    • Video conferencing
    • Appointment scheduler
    • Analytics dashboard
  • Customer Service
    • Onboarding/Orientation
    • Ongoing Site Maintenance
    • Essential Support

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Let's Get Serious

Designed for the thriving businesses that are ready to position and accelerate their company's plan for purposeful, predictable growth.

Typical annual marketing budget $50K +

  • SmartStart CMS
    • Premium Custom Website
    • DynaGrid +6 bonus module
    • Web asset audit & guidance
    • Expert website copywriting
  • Sales Lead Management
    • Integrated CRM 10K10,000 contacts
    • Unlimited CRM users
    • Anonymous visitor ID
    • Life of lead
    • Email sync for 5 users
    • Integrated sales pipeline
    • Task management
    • CRM video calling
    • Video conferencing
    • Appointment scheduler
    • Enhanced analytics &
      cloud dashboards
  • Even more Marketing Automation
    • Campaign tracking
    • Custom reporting
    • Integrated chatbots
    • CRM/MAT access level management
    • Sales automation workflows
    • Marketing automation workflows
    • Social media manager
    • Dynamic content builder
      (Landing Pages, Email, Forms)
  • Customer Service
    • Onboarding/Orientation
    • Ongoing Site Maintenance
    • Concierge-Level Support

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Get This Stuff Right The First Time

Websites that wow

We’ve actually created a sophisticated new website platform, just for SmartStart clients. Extreme? Maybe. But totally worth it. In fact, the site you’re looking at right now is an example of our new platform in action.

Sales and Marketing automation

Get deeply-integrated CRM, lead capture, smart emails, team management and more. Plus campaign tracking with crisp, insightful analytics.

Tap high-level talent

Tons of expertise and great decisions are baked into every aspect of our platform. We can help with design and copywriting too.

Start small, but start

Maybe you can’t afford everything you want today. Our approach gives you a great foundation so you can build as you grow.

Get ballpark pricing today.

(Guaranteed safe, painless and 100% spam-free)

Get ballpark pricing today.

(Guaranteed safe, painless and 100% spam-free)

Comments From The Team

Photo of Tom Noser, Product Specialist
SmartStart is a great idea for growing businesses. Instead of using many products that deliver partial solutions, use one product that accomplishes whatever you need today and supports what you’ll need tomorrow. SmartStart begins by raising awareness and tracking leads, and can grow to support your entire product infrastructure.

- Tom Noser, Product Specialist

Photo of Michael Dukes, Creative Director
This team is a joy to work with. Everybody has their areas of expertise, and we’re all used to achieving high-level results. SmartStart is simply a more streamlined way to get there.

- Michael Dukes, Creative Director

Photo of Deona Sadler, Program Director
We tried to think of everything! Efficiency has been front and center every step of the way in developing the SmartStart marketing framework. Thoughtful integrations for campaign tracking, analytics, reporting, CRM, social media, lead generation, and web performance combine to simplify marketing management and assure better results.

- Deona Sadler, Program Director

Photo of Crystal Dionysopoulos, Developer
Working on SmartStart was a delightful challenge. I had the freedom to do things in the way I felt was best. This directly resulted in lots of little extras and options being available to make sites the very best they could be. SmartStart is a perfect starting point for any business wanting to improve their image online.

- Crystal Dionysopoulos, Template Developer

The Team

Photo of Steve Lomas

Steve Lomas Founder, CEO - MojoMediaPros

Photo of Michael

Michael Creative Director

Photo of Deona

Deona Program Managment

Photo of Paul

Paul Web Developer

Photo of William

William Marketing Automation

Photo of Josh

Josh UX/UIDesign

Photo of Nik

Nik Art Director

Photo of Bill

Bill Strategy

Photo of Jill

Jill SEM Specialist

Photo of Sherri

Sherri Operations

Photo of Mary

Mary SEO Specialist

Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie UX Research

Photo of Maria

Maria Social Media

Photo of Zach

Zach Business Analytics

Photo of Emily

Emily Google Analytics

Photo of Susan

Susan UX/UIDesign

Photo of Crystal

Crystal Web Developer

Get ballpark pricing today.

(Guaranteed safe, painless and 100% spam-free)


We’re a full-service digital agency based in Nashville, TN. Been around since 2003. By assembling the exact right team of specialists for any given project, we stay lean, flexible and competitive. This works out nicely for the entrepreneurs, early-stage startups and corporate innovators who make up our client base. We created SmartStart as a way to provide the benefits of serious, intentional marketing to clients who aren’t yet in a position to aggressively allocate major marketing dollars. Want to see more of what we do? Check out the full MojoMediaPros site.

Your SmartStart Marketing Platform comes preloaded with everything you need to establish and manage your company’s web presence: a powerful website, integrated CRM platform to capture leads, ongoing support and maintenance, monthly analytics to help drive your business, plus access to a top-tier marketing team when you require additional services.

Absolutely. Every feature of SmartStart has been carefully chosen for its ability to work seamlessly with the rest of our product suite. We can even walk you through a stress-free transition to your new toolkit.

Sure thing – actually, you’re looking at one right now.

We’re happy to help you determine which SmartStart level best suits your needs and your budget. Let's talk.

No problem. SmartStart is the perfect place to begin building an identity you’ll be proud to promote.

Typically weeks, not months. Everything about SmartStart has been designed to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible. Once you reach out so we can get a better idea of what you need, we’ll give you a more defined timeline. Just remember the old proverb: the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

First, SmartStart gives you way more than just a website. You get integrated marketing automation, valuable analytics, and lots more. Your website itself will be quick to build, simple to maintain and update, and easy for your audience to use. Every site we create is the sum of thousands of smart decisions by seasoned experts. And that’s before we begin the customization that makes your site truly your own. As your business grows, you’ll also see that we’ve put lots of thought into making your brand presence effortlessly scalable.

Your SmartStart Platform includes up to 50 email accounts (if you think you’ll need more, just let us know).

Not likely. We’ve designed this platform from the ground up to assure easy, drama-free scalability. Building on what you’ve got is the whole point.

On the technical side, we follow all current best practices to give you the greatest possible visibility. On the all-important content side, we can advise you on strategy, or even provide blog posts and thought leadership. Our approach to SEO also helps with accessibility and ADA compliance (good ideas whether you’re legally required to implement them or not).

Level THREE Social Media Manager includes full editorial calendar management, for automated posting and side-by-side social media listening. Our platform supports LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter natively.

No problem. MojoMediaPros has the specific expertise you need to use Paid Search successfully. And SmartStart’s world-class marketing automation platform is designed to make your paid search marketing more profitable than ever.

The SmartStart sales and marketing automation system has an open API available to any third-party solutions. For third-party solutions that don't have a native integration, we can either use Zapier, which offers hundreds of bridge integrations, or roll up our sleeves to create a custom integration, which we have found to be very straightforward.

Of course. We built the SmartStart CMS with eCommerce in mind from day one.

Absolutely. Strong security, coupled with powerful access-level control, make SmartStart an ideal infrastructure for membership sites.

Yes. Even our entry-level package includes an integrated sales team ticketing system. Please note – this is not intended to replace a public-facing customer support ticketing system like ZenDesk, etc.

There are lots of good tools out there today. The question to ask yourself is whether you honestly have the bandwidth, patience and expertise to figure them all out, get them up and running, make sure all the moving parts are working together seamlessly. And there’s no such thing as a finish line – you won’t get to a point where you can put everything on autopilot and get back to doing the important stuff which you also happen to be really good at. Think you can hand all this off to an intern or junior marketing person? Ask any entrepreneur who’s tried that move.

Sometimes an analogy is the best way to make a point. Imagine buying a bunch of carpentry tools, then teaching yourself how to use them while you build yourself a house. Now imagine instead that you decide to hire a crew of expert carpenters. They bring their own tools. They know how to use them. They’ve built lots of houses. This is what they do. Now they’re ready to go to work for you. You still get to decide exactly how you want your new house to look. And you’ll get what you want. But without the cursing, the rookie mistakes and the pain that comes from hammering your own thumb three times in a row.

SmartStart is your marketing toolbox. MojoMediaPros is your crew of experts. This is what we do.

Get a ballpark quote today.

We understand. You don’t want to be hounded by a pack of rabid sales weasels. Nobody does. But an automated price quote is a quick way to decide for yourself whether we should schedule a call. We’ll be here if you ever want to talk.

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